Overview The Static Solutions CT-1000 Ohm-Stat 1000 Meg Upgrade can be use with any current purchase of either the Static Solutions Ohm-Stat CT-8700 or CT-8900 tester. Both testers individually and simultaneously test a wrist strap and heel grounder resistivity value in less than 3 seconds. The CT-8700 is the combination tester, footplate and stand while the CT-8900 is the deluxe combination tester, footplate and stand with computer interface. (You can upgrade a previously purchased CT-8700 or CT-8900 but must contact us first at 978-310-7251 or email to make prior arrangements.) Highlights
  • Measures from 100 kilohms - 1000 megohms
  • Internal component upgrade for CT-8700 and CT-8900 testers
What’s Included
  • 1000 Meg Upgrade