The Static Solutions Ohm-Stat™ Guardian Plus Constant Monitor CM-1702 offers monitoring of two wrist straps.  Ideal for two people working at the same workstation or on the same item.

“You are powerful!  Be grounded.”

Other models offer wrist strap monitoring or wrist strap and mat monitoring.


  • Tests two wrist straps
  • LED and buzzer
  • NIST calibration included
  • Works with all single wire capacitance wrist straps
  • All cords supplied
  • CE mark
  • Can be calibrated
  • Product conforms to the ESD S.20.20 spec standards
  • 110v AC power
  • Ground dock included
  • 1 year limited warranty

What’s Included:

  • Constant Monitor CM-1702
  • 110v AC supplied