Ohm-Stat™ Deluxe Wrist Strap/Heel Grounder Tester ESD Data Logger

Ohm-Stat™ Deluxe Wrist Strap/Heel Grounder Tester ESD Data Logger

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  • Tests wrist strap and heel grounders individually and simultaneously in seconds
  • No switch flipping or foot changing required
  • ISO-9000 conformance: no more log books
  • Results automatically entered onto a computer via a USB connection
  • Automatically stores results for 50,000 employees
  • Includes ESD protection test log software: free upgrades forever
  • CE mark, NIST listed
  • Results can be emailed and/or networked
  • Adjustable limits
  • Generate software reports for:
    • Daily, monthly, entire log
    • Individual log
    • Individual attendance
    • Exceptions
    • Twice tested
    • Monthly vacation
    • Certification expiration
    • Updates and more
  • Free software updates
  • 1 year limited warranted
  • Certificate of calibration (Good for one year)
  • Footplate is designed for humidity conditions of 75% or less
  • Made in the USA


Designed by Static Solutions’ founder Lenard Cohen and made in the USA the Static Solutions CT-8900 Ohm-Stat™ Deluxe Wrist Strap/Heel Grounder Tester And ESD Data Logger sets a new standard in the industry for accuracy, reliability and ease of use.

Updated with the simplicity of a USB connection allowing you to easily connect the data logger directly to your computer USB port.  This has the added benefit of saving the need to get power for the meter from an outlet as the USB is capable of allowing the data transmission and power source.

Are you searching for a better way to test your teams’ compliance to being properly grounded with their wrist straps and/or heel grounders that, at the same time, give you all the details to their testing?

Is the idea of a paper log, where the technician must check off, initial or write down details, something that doesn’t give you any confidence with accuracy….and that your ESD auditor isn’t at all thrilled with either?

The CT-8900 does much more than just test a technician wearing a wrist strap or heel grounder.  It offers you a wealth of information on your team’s testing by giving you detailed computerized reports.  You’ll know if the technician passed or failed, how often they had to retest and so much more plus it logs everything in a powerful software that you can customize in a way that gives you the data you want.

Do you want to get a report emailed each day, every week or monthly?  Do you want that data shared with specific team leaders or managers?  This meter and software can do that.

The software, which is included with this meter, will have you laughing at the old way things used to be done and you’ll be the hero of your team for implementing such an easy to use wrist strap & heel grounder tester.  Plus future updates to the software are available here so your meter will be fully updated.

Perfect for a team of just a few technicians and all the way up to 50,000 people.  Works as one unit or you can have multiple units throughout your facility that send all the information to one database.

Tests the wrist straps and heel grounders individually and simultaneously in just seconds.  No need of switch flipping or foot changing allowing for easy, simple testing while also logging each test.  It’s like having three meters in one: tests wrist straps only, tests heel grounders only, or can test both at the same time.  With the included software you can specify for one technician to only test their wrist strap, another to just test their heel grounders while a third must test both at the same time.

The CT-8900 is a full kit offering: meter, footplate and stand.  Also available as CT-8925 for the footplate and meter or for the meter only as CT-8920.  Additional options available include Barcode, Magnetic Stripe Reader and HID.

Two upgrades available to customize to your needs:

1000 Meg Upgrade

Door Opening Relay

Add either upgrade to your cart now to have it included with your meter.

Additional information

Weight23 lbs
Dimensions39 × 16 × 6 in


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