On Sunday, December 2, 2018 Lenard Cohen died after a long illness while surrounded by his family.

Engineer, Entrepreneur & Inventor

Len founded Static Solutions in 1996.  Prior he was a co-founder of Plastic Systems (now ESD Systems) and before becoming an entrepreneur was employed by Polaroid.  While at Polaroid he worked on the groundbreaking SX-70 camera.

The SX-70 Land Camera

He was a multi-patent holder and pioneered what have become many industry standards in the ESD community.

WS-1025 ESD wrist strapOne of Len’s patented products

Family and Dogs

Those who knew Len well were also very aware that while he had a passion for work, and would often spend overtime at the office, two passions he loved to talk about were his family and his love of dogs.

He made sure to bring those loves to his work life by having dogs at the office and hiring family to work in the business.

His daughter Ingrid spent years working with Len, attending trade-shows and on sales calls and she has stepped in as the leader of Static Solutions for the next generation.


Create multiple products, patent numerous inventions, and build a successful business.  Any one of those would be an achievement most would be proud of but for Len they were just the beginning.

He knew it was important to lead a balanced life and not just focus on business passions.  Len loved to travel and find moments of joy all through his life.

Len was about living a full life…no matter what he did…experiencing as much as he could.

Almost two years before he passed, right before his health took a major downward turn, he went for a swim in Boston on New Years Day and sent a letter to a few friends about his experience.  Below is an excerpt:

Lenard Cohen ESD