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Ultimat™ CR White Static Dissipative Work Surface Material
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Static Dissipative
Work Surface

Two Layer Rubber
Data Sheet (PDF)
MSDS Sheet
Test Data
Ulimat™ is a new technology static dissipative industrial grade two layer rubber elastomer designed for use on tables and other grounded work bench surfaces. Its electrical properties are volume dissipative unlike many of the surface dissipative properties of the competition. This material was developed to conform with the new Class Zero and RoHS requirements.

Ultimat™ is a chemically crosslinked two layer rubber material with different electrical resistances on both surfaces. Because it is inherently crosslinked the material will not delaminate and is volume conductive. The layers are permanently dissipative with "space age dissipative polymers" which will not lose its electrical properties, not exudate, and more important will not outgas and contaminate in clean room environments. The material is as durable as rigid laminates and as comfortable and appealing as the softer rubber table mats. Works great with continuous monitors.

Because of its structure the material meets both the US EOS 20/20 and European IEC 613450-5-1 specifications and therefore has outstanding charge dissipation, rapid charge decay, no charge suppression and outstanding low tribogeneration properties. The material will withstand solvents, soldering iron deformation, not curl, and have excellent abrasion resistance. The embossed surface will reduce light glare, increase part slip resistance, and facilitate cleaning. Since the material is free from halogens, lead, arsenic, barium, heavy metals, phthalate plasticizers, vinyl monomer, asbestos, formaldehyde, antimony, chromium, cadmium, and other dangerous volatiles it may be used in environments where outgassing and contamination is of concern. Since it is not a vinyl it has high temperature resistance, solvent resistance, and will not out gas. Ideal for areas that need the best ESD mat in the industry. Ask us about our new Ultimat-CR, Static Solutions new technology clean room material–with no black layer and still has an electrical resistance of 1E7-1E8 ohms!!! No odor, lays flat, and thicker than the competition.


  • .080 in. thick
  • Available in blue, white, gray, beige, black and green
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Custom sizes available on request

Uses and Applications:

• Electronics manufacturing
• Pharmaceutical plants
• Clean rooms
• Computer installation
• Fiber Optics
• Hospitals
• Defense and military
• Chemical processing
• Explosives
• Printing
• Aviation

Precut Mats Roll Material

UM-2436 - 24in x 36in Mat

UM-2448 - 24in x 48in Mat

UM-2460 - 24in x 60in Mat

UM-3048 - 30in x 48in Mat

UM-3060 - 30in x 60in Mat

UM-3648 - 36in x 48in Mat

UMK-3072 - Custom Mat Kit 30” x 72”
Includes 10’ ground cord, wrist strap, and snap.

UR-2440 - 40ft x 24in Roll

UR-3040 - 40ft x 30in Roll

UR-3640 - 40ft x 36in Roll

UR-4840 - 40ft x 48in Roll


GC-9010  Ground Cord, worksurface, 10mm, dualport, 10 feet
(RoHS green available)

GC-9015  Ground Cord, worksurface, 10mm, dualport, 15 feet

GC-9020  Ground Cord, floormat, 10mm, low profile, 10 feet

GC-9025  Ground Cord, floormat, low profile, 15'

Click Here for Ultimat CR One Layer Clean Room
White Rubber ESD Matting

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