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The following support files are available for viewing or download:

AF-5500, AF-6000, AF-6500 and AF-6800 Floor Finishes:

Application Instructions


Portable Document File, 99.0kb

Click here to download

ESD Floor Finish Problems/Remedies

Solving_Floor_Care_Problems.pdf Portable Document File, 143.0kb

Click here to download

CB-9500 Calibration Unit:

CB-9500 Data Sheet


Portable Document File, 273.0kb

Click here to download

CT-8700 Combo Tester:

CT-8700 Instruction Manual


Portable Document File, 482kb

Click here to download

CT-8900 Combo Tester:

CT-8900 Instruction Manual


Portable Document File, 146.9kb

Click here to download

CT-8900 Calibration Instructions


Portable Document File, 4.2kb

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CT-8900 Data Logging Software

Version 10.55


Self-extracting Zip File

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GP-5600 One Part Urethane Enhanced Floor Paint:

Application Instructions


Portable Document File, 10.8kb

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RT-1000 Standard Resistivity Tester:

RT-1000 Owners Manual and Operation Guide


Portable Document File, 1.9mb

Click here to download

RT-1000 Calibration Instructions


Portable Document File, 5.3kb

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