The Static Solutions blue WS-1025 Ohm-Stat Elastic Adjustable Wrist Strap safely dissipates harmful charges with guaranteed long lasting protection. ESD S1.1 standard recommends the use of static control wrist straps to complete an effective ESD control system. Normal activity builds harmful static charges, if an ungrounded user makes contact with a static sensitive device the result can be costly and damaging.

The patented design of the WS-1025 prevents the fabric of the wrist strap from interfering with contact of the user to the buckle providing a direct connection for optimal function as well as offering amazing comfort.

WS-1025 is one of the highest grade protection out of the Ohm-Stat Wrist Straps. Only the Ohm-Stat Series offers long lasting, high quality wrist straps with innovative design on a price conscience schedule. Static Solutions wrist straps are made with quality control and 20/20 conformance. They are individually packed with instructions for user convenience. They are easily cleaned with a mild detergent.

Available with a wrist strap coil cord here.


  • Blue adjustable size ESD wrist strap
  • 4mm machine stainless steel snap
  • UL listed
  • Product conforms to the ESD S.20.20 spec standards
  • Medical grade stainless steel

What’s Included

  • Blue ESD Wrist Strap