The Static Solutions Tool Bag With Ohm-Stat™ Earth Ground Checker With Jack To Ground And Wrist Strap is ideal for those who move from one location to another.  Even simple moves, like from one office to another down the hall, offers the need to have the appropriate way to transport the tools you need to do the work you do.

“You are powerful!  Be grounded.”


  • Includes a field service bag
  • Ohm-Stat™ Earth Ground Checker with Jack to Ground
  • Wrist Strap and coil cord
  • Has inside and outside pockets
  • Can hold a field service kit (such as our Ohm-Stat™ FSK-2424)
  • Has a zipper and handle
  • Included are sample bottles of Ohm-Shield™ HL-3408 ESD hand lotion and Ohm-Shield™ MC-4400 mat cleaner
  • Color: black
  • Material: antistatic polyester with zipper and carrying handles
  • Made in the USA

What’s Included: