UltiMat 1 Anti Static Mat

UltiMat 1 Anti Static Mat

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  • Lifetime electrical warranty
  • Chemical and temperature resistant
  • UV, flame retardant, antimicrobial resistance
  • Low VOC
  • Lays flat, no curl
  • 2.0mm (.080”) thick (+/- 10%) Black .060″ and white .070″thick (+/- 10%)
  • RoHS, ISO, CE, and conforms to the EOS/ESD S.20.20 spec standards
  • Industrial grade cross-linked rubber
  • All colors available including black, blue (dark blue and light blue), gray, green and white.
  • Rolls are 24”, 30”, 36”, and 48” wide (+/- .25″) and 40’ long
  • Cut mats come standard with installed snaps unless requested otherwise

What’s Included:

  • UltiMat 1 material

UltiMat Data Sheet

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When you ask people to describe their work they sometimes end by saying what they do isn’t rocket science. (but what if it is?)

The UltiMat line of ESD anti-static mats by Static Solutions is used by those who solder circuit boards, want to safely work on advanced electronic equipment, and some do rocket science.

When you’re doing that type of work it’s critical that you don’t have an uncontrolled static discharge. One spark can cause hours of work to be lost and the financial impact can range from pennies to millions of dollars.

By using a Static Solutions mat you can be properly grounded.

Grounded in work that matters. Creating products that people need. But also grounded against a static discharge with a mat that is used by the best companies in the world.

So the next time someone asks you to describe what you do start off by saying it’s like rocket science.

“You are powerful!  Be grounded.”

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UltiMat Roll 24" x 40 foot, UltiMat Roll 30" x 40 foot, UltiMat Roll 36" x 40 foot, UltiMat Roll 48" x 40 foot, UltiMat Pre-Cut 24" x 36", UltiMat Pre-Cut 24" x 48", UltiMat Pre-Cut 24" x 60", UltiMat Pre-Cut 24" x 72", UltiMat Pre-Cut 24" x 84", UltiMat Pre-Cut 24" x 96", UltiMat Pre-Cut 30" x 36", UltiMat Pre-Cut 30" x 48", UltiMat Pre-Cut 30" x 60", UltiMat Pre-Cut 30" x 72", UltiMat Pre-Cut 30" x 84", UltiMat Pre-Cut 30" x 96", UltiMat Pre-Cut 36" x 36", UltiMat Pre-Cut 36" x 48", UltiMat Pre-Cut 36" x 60", UltiMat Pre-Cut 36" x 72", UltiMat Pre-Cut 36" x 96", UltiMat Pre-Cut 48" x 48", UltiMat Pre-Cut 48" x 60", UltiMat Pre-Cut 48" x 72", UltiMat Pre-Cut 48" x 96"


light blue, dark blue, light grey, black, green

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